The book gives weight to information & puts spine in our reading. It adds gravity to our erudition & gives substance to knowledge. The book is manual not automatic: slow, thoughtful & purposeful, building scholarship with turning pages. The book is.


—Scott McCarney

Scott McCarney is an artist, designer, and educator in Rochester, New York USA. He received formal design training at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and an advanced photography degree from the University at Buffalo/Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, New York. His works can be found in The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Victoria & Albert Museum, London; and Yale University Art Gallery, among others. His teaching and lecturing itinerary has carried the banner of artists books to Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Mexico, and South America.

His primary art practice has been in book form since 1980 and spans many media, from offset and digital printing to sculpture and site-specific installation. Many of his visual books utilize photography and incorporate frequently overlooked details of day-to-day living — discrete moments unbound by daily existence.