A book is a protean kaleidoscope.

—Zuzana Husárová

Zuzana Husárová is a researcher and author in the field of electronic literature, teaching at Comenius University (SR) and University of Applied Arts (AT), an ex-Fulbright scholar at MIT, USA (2011). She is the author of experimental literature across various media, has created sound poetry, interactive digital poetry, poetic performances and transmedia poetry. She has collaborated with Ľubomír Panák on interactive literary pieces (with the use of Kinect: Enter: in’ Wodies, I: *ttter, Android application Obvia Gaude, digital literature BA-Tale, Pulse). She has co-authored with Amalia Roxana Filip transmedia projects liminal and lucent 2012-2014 (visual poetry books, sound poetry and live performances www.liminal.name), with Olga Pek a book Amoeba, has collaborated on interdisciplinary performances. She co-edited theoretical publications V sieti strednej Európy (with Bogumila Suwara) and ENTER+ Repurposing in Electronic Literature (with María Mencía).