The book is an event, beyond the mere representation of it.

A momentary stay of the transience of time.

A tree interleaved with other trees in a forest of dreams.

A dance of matter and anti-matter.

A story that objects tell, returned to object.

A refuge, a river rock—an author’s mind tumbled, now smooth in your palm.

A binding illusion, a moon. A silver pan of photons from the center of chaos.

A myth of self-radiance. Surface reflects each thought, each photon from the center of sun,

but not its awful journey. Gathered now as if it always was. Now it always will be.

—Roxi Power


Roxi Power is a poet and performance artist who teaches at UC Santa Cruz, where she edits an inter-arts book series entitled Viz. Inter-Arts: A Trans-Genre Anthology. The newest edition, Viz. Inter-Arts: Interventions enacts genre and art/activist interventions.  (peak inside)