The book is not for you.

—Paul Benzon

Paul Benzon teaches courses in English and Media and Film Studies at Skidmore College. His work combines interests in contemporary literature, cultural studies, and the history and theory of media. He is often drawn to moments of artistic experimentation and formal extremity—encyclopedism and textual overload, surplus and excess, remixes and reproductions, errors and deletions. Taking these aberrations as points of departure, he explores questions of textual materiality, the archive, and the aesthetics and politics of media change. Paul’s recent research has focused on a wide and eclectic range of media phenomena, including tapes, libraries, trees, tanks, dust, and robots. His work has appeared in Media-N, electronic book review, Narrative, and PMLA. He is currently at work on a project entitled Archival Fictions: Materiality, Form, and Media History in Contemporary Literature.