To the voice the book is the triumph of its own litotes and is at its best in an era of unreadability. There it flourishes as an architextural form: a sarcophagus for the tongue and larynx, now open and now closed which to the Catholic reader is the confessional we enter to depart.​

—Steve McCaffery

Steve McCaffery is the author of more than 40 books and chapbooks of poetry and criticism. An ample selection of his poetic explorations in numerous forms can be savoured in the two volumes of Seven Pages Missing (Coach House Press 2001-02). English born and a long-time resident of Toronto he was a co-founder of the Toronto Research Group (TRG), the sound poetry ensemble Four Horsemen and the College of Canadian “Pataphysics and since 2004 has been the David Gray Professor of Poetry and Letters at the University at Buffalo.​