Le livre est un support matériel qui, tout au long de son histoire, a offert toujours plus de manipulabilité à son lecteur. Avec le numérique, ce n’est plus seulement le support, mais le contenu lui-même qui est manipulable.

Le support numérique s’inscrit ainsi dans une continuité. Néanmoins, on peut parler de passage à la limite dans la mesure où toute la médiation est calculée ; avec le support numérique, tout devient manipulable.


The book is a physical medium that, all along its history, has always offered an ever-increasing manipulability to its reader. With the Digital, it is not only the medium, but the content itself which becomes manipulable.

Thus the digital medium is a continuum. However the phrase passage to the limit is relevant in so far as the whole mediation is based on computation. With the digital medium, everything becomes manipulable.

—Serge Bouchardon

Serge Bouchardon is currently Professor at Sorbonne University, Université de technologie de Compiègne (France), where he teaches interactive writing. His research focuses on digital creation, in particular digital literature.

As an author, he is interested in the way the gestures specific to the Digital contribute to the construction of meaning. His creations have been exhibited in many venues in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East. The creation Loss of Grasp won the New Media Writing Prize 2011.

Research: www.utc.fr/~bouchard/
Creation: www.sergebouchardon.com/