My definition of an artist’s book has changed over the years. My first definition was consecutive pages- bound or unbound. Then I opened it up to say it was a book-like object that changes from its closed position to its open position. Then I decided it was merely the artist’s intention- “If I say I am making a book, then I am making a book.” And at cocktail parties when pressed to define an artist’s book I will say, “Imagine a painter expressing an idea by making a painting. Some artists express themselves by making Artist’s Books. The book might have pages or not,covers or not, text sometimes, imagery sometimes, form of some kind, made of any material. One can only begin to imagine the possibilities.

—Rebecca Goodale

Rebecca Goodale makes unique and limited edition books, many with sculptural components. Her current project, Threatened and Endangered, is inspired by Maine’s rare plants and animals. Her wok is in numerous collections including Bowdoin College Library; The Maine Women Writers Collection; New York Public Library; Herron Art Library, IN; Smithsonian African Museum of Art; Library of Congress; Hawai’i State Art Museum; Portland Museum of Art, ME; and the White House Ornament Collection. She is the Faculty Director of the University of Southern Maine’s Book Arts at Stone House program. Rebecca is represented by the Turtle Gallery in Deer Isle and by Vamp and Tramp Booksellers, Birmingham, AL.