Through my investigation of the nonverbal narrative in artists books, I was led to explore the essence of storytelling in the absence of words. It was not simply the linear arrangement and progression of images with storytelling qualities that I was pursuing, but rather the resonance and communicative quality that are embodied in its physicality.

Books in sculptural form are a medium for me to explore the narratives of the landscape. The book has been the vehicle of language across the ages. I consider it an intrinsically visual experience, a spatial and tactile object whose form is fundamental to conveying its message. The physicality and visual suggestions allow me to create a book conveying a language in the absence of text that speaks of the complex interaction of nature and humanity.

—Pamela Paulsrud

Pamela Paulsrud is a visual artist recognized internationally as a papermaker, calligrapher, book artist and collaborator creating both intimate pieces and large-scale installations. Pamela’s exploration of energy and vibration, letters and lines, her love of the land, the earth and its resonance, inspires both her work and her life. Numerous private and public collections have collected her work and she been published in many magazines, books, and journals. She also enjoys teaching workshops in lettering and book arts around the world. Images and process of her work can be seen at Pamela is extremely passionate about an ongoing project which she co-created entitled Treewhispers, — an international collaboration awakening a heartfelt connection to trees.