PERHAPS the best way to think about “What is a book?” is to ask what it is not

PERHAPS it is not a book at all but is something like a desire-engine?

PERHAPS it is something less concrete like a psychically transmitted gaseous Eros

PERHAPS it is not to be found in words but “in itself” AS IF made of words (or not)

PERHAPS it is the last remnants of a communication system whose time has passed

PERHAPS it is the perpetual instantiation of a communication protocol whose time has (and will continue to) come

PERHAPS a book is perpetually coming and we have yet to harness its ultimate form of embodiment

PERHAPS a book just IS and by being-what-it-is we can now be-what-we-are too, also books?

PERHAPS everything in the world exists to end up as a book

PERHAPS the book exists in A World Beyond This Life

—Mark America

Mark Amerika’s artwork has been exhibited internationally at venues such as the Whitney Biennial of American Art, the Denver Art Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, and the Walker Art Center. In 2009-2010, The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, Greece, hosted Amerika’s comprehensive retrospective exhibition entitled UNREALTIME. In 2009, Amerika released Immobilité, generally considered the first feature-length art film ever shot on a mobile phone. He is the author of many books including remixthebook (University of Minnesota Press, 2011), META/DATA: A Digital Poetics (The MIT Press, 2007) and the novels The Kafka Chronicles and Sexual Blood (both with FC2/University of Alabama). His artwork Museum of Glitch Aesthetics was commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. In March 2017, he was the first American artist to have a survey exhibition of their digital artwork in Havana and his new book, remixthecontext, was published by Routledge in 2018.