A book is the flesh between flesh, a hard text sculpture from soft text immensities, the staged performance of time, a tangible glance of minds, the desire to speak other.

—Lisa Samuels

Lisa Samuels is the author of fifteen books of poetry, memoir, and prose—mostly poetry—including Anti M (2013), Tender Girl (2015)Symphony for Human Transport (2017), and Foreign Native (2018). She also publishes essays and soundworks as well as collaborating with composers, working with film, and editing books, recently the anthology A TransPacific Poetics (2017, with co-editor Sawako Nakayasu). Living in Aotearoa/New Zealand since 2006 and having also lived in the Middle East, Europe, Malaysia, and the US, where she was born, has made transnationalism fundamental in her ethics and imagination. Associate Professor of English and Drama at The University of Auckland, Lisa lives with her partner and son in a house surrounded by trees.