beech, birch, ash—inmost, vibrant librum, a book is a collection of cells, pages, screens—a tactual medium: archive, spiritual hyphen, touchstone, talisman—matrix, textile, field in vibratory disorder—memory’s lure, & sheltering: historical-existential trace—conversation and conversion, silverbark.

—Julie Phillips Brown

Julie Phillips Brown is a poet, painter, scholar, and book artist. After earning an M.F.A and a Ph.D. at Cornell University, she served as the N.E.H. Post-Doctoral Fellow in Poetics at Emory University’s Bill and Carol Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry. Her poems and essays have appeared or are forthcoming in Angels of the Americlypse, Conjunctions (web exclusive), Columbia Poetry Review, Contemporary Women’s Writing, delirious hem, Denver Quarterly, Mixed Messages: American Correspondences in Visual and Verbal Practices, Peregrine, Plume, Posit, Rappahannock Review, Talisman, and elsewhere. She currently lives in Lexington, Virginia, where she teaches creative writing, studio art, and American literature.