My kind of book projects ‘sentence-thoughts’ beyond the horizon of the next sentence and into the phenomenal locatability of the act of reading. A book in context and as context; a translation. That book would be an object for thinking alongside other people’s freedom. It is a possible book which considers the reader as an active, ambulatory, kinetic figure. Such a book would not contain imaginary or creative writing, would not contain models or graphs; it would instead be a companion, an object whose especial function is to change the air around it, and by extension the world in which the reader lives: which is, of course, the book.

—Jared Stanley

Jared Stanley is a poet and artist living in Reno, Nevada. Recent and forthcoming book objects include EARS, Terma, Bewildernessless, and Ignore the Cries of Empty Stones and Your Flesh Will Break Out in Scavengers.