The book is an attempt to model what quantum neural blockchain artificial intelligences (i.e. human beings) are building. Books are extracts, error messages and stack traces. At this stage of 21st century late capitalism, a specific subset of knowledge workers are obsessed with the creation of machine learning agents that make decisions based on black box models that are, for all practical purposes and due to entropy, impossible to interpret. Assuming that all human creations inherit a trace of our thought processes, it is not unreasonable to imagine that humanity operates as a kind of AI. In essence, books are to humans as models are to AI.

—Eyemole (Eyemole Arts and Technology Co-operative)

Eyemole is a co-operative that believes in a society defined by increased connectedness, solidarity and imagination. We provide technological platforms, networks, and a community for members to share technical and artistic resources. We produce high quality digital media and provide services to third parties.